The Board of Business Practice (LTL)

The Board of Business Practice (Liiketapalautakunta, LTL) prevents unfair competition and illicit trade practices by providing statements if requested by a company.

The Board of Business Practice (LTL)

The Board of Business Practice (Liiketapalautakunta, LTL) was set up in 1937 to promote self-regulation and to prevent unfair competition and illicit trade practices. Still, its function is the same. It seeks to provide companies with a rapid and effective procedure to settle disputes about unfair trade practices.The LTL applies ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code as such.

A complaint to the LTL must be submitted in writing. The complaint may also be submitted in English only. The complaint is then sent to the opposing party for a written response, which is required within two weeks. After rendering its decision the LTL sends its decision to both parties.The LTL´s adjudications are confidential. However, in the event of a respondent´s non-compliance, the complainant may be authorised to publish the decision.

A fee for a complaint is EUR 2.415

Secretary General Paula Paloranta
tel +358 9 4242 6200 or

The Board of Business Practice
Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Copy advice

What is copy advice?

Copy advice is the provision by a self-regulatory organisation (The Board of Business Practice, LTL) of an opinion as to whether or not an advertisement complies with the ICC rules. It is provided on a confidential basis. Copy advice is provided on request to advertisers, agencies or the media.
The copy advice is available to all companies. The copy advice is provided by the LTL´s jury. The copy advice is given within 2-3 weeks.

Is there a charge for copy advice?

A fee for copy advice is EUR 1.350 per request.

What are the advantages of copy advice?

Seeking copy advice at an early stage in the preparation of a campaign provides advertisers and agencies with a degree of reassurance that it complies with the highest standards of practice. It also prevents time and money being wasted on campaigns which breach the rules and are therefore likely to be short-lived.

Copy advice can also help to avoid embarrassment and damage to the reputation of an advertiser or a brand caused by adverse publicity if a complaint is upheld. In a wider context, copy advice helps protect the reputation of advertising in general.


Paula Paloranta

Secretary General

+358 50 548 0236